Welcome to Brighton Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing and extremely effective form of bodywork based on the classical theories of Chinese Medicine. It works in the same way as acupuncture, but uses nurturing touch instead of needles to move and support energy in the body. It can help many physical and emotional conditions (e.g. back pain and digestive issues) as well as promoting relaxation and alleviating or preventing the build up of stress


Each shiatsu treatment is therefore unique to you and tailored to meet your present and specific needs. An in depth medical and emotional case history will be taken and we will explore together your reasons for coming and what you would like to gain from our sessions.


I offer birth preparation workshops for pregnant women and their birthing partner(s) in the 3rd trimester. It is a precious opportunity for couples who feel ready to slow down and start preparing for the birth together.

Shiatsu Training

Whether you are looking for a short workshop to improve your own well-being; are a therapist looking to broaden and deepen your skills or are here to find out more about the benefits of studying to become a professional Shiatsu Practitioner, we offer workshops and courses throughout the year to suit you.

About the Therapist

Donna is the Director of the European Shiatsu School in Brighton. She lived and studied in Japan for 3 years before returning to the UK to complete her professional practitioner’s diploma in Shiatsu. She combines her sound knowledge of Oriental Medicine, nutrition and Qi-Gong with a deeply intuitive sense of touch.

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