About Donna

The Therapist

Donna Armstrong is an experienced shiatsu practitioner, teacher and director of the European Shiatsu School Brighton.

Donna became familiar with the amazing healing powers of Shiatsu after living and working in Japan from 1999-2002. Upon her return to the UK she completed a 3year diploma and became a fully registered member of the UK Shiatsu Society.

After enjoying giving birth to her two children at home, Donna was inspired to deepen her professional practice to specialise in women’s health and maternity care. She has spent time studying with Suzanne Yates of Well Mother, Bristol, and has also trained as a Doula with Micheal O’Dent. She is now fully immersed in supporting other women on their amazing journey through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

Donna’s shiatsu is always informed by both her strong personal practice in yoga and Qi Gong and her studies into Chinese medicine and nutrition. Each treatment incorporates this knowledge and offers practical advice about how best to bring health and vitality into your everyday life.