Pregnancy Massage

Shiatsu can be enjoyed at any stage of pregnancy and is beneficial from conception through to birth. Take a moment just for you, relax and connect with your baby.
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Shiatsu for Birth

From 37 weeks you and your baby are beginning to prepare for birth. Shiatsu can be the ideal massage to support your body in opening up and letting go.
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Maternity Shiatsu

I was inspired to deepen my professional practice to specialise in women’s health and maternity care.
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Postnatal Care

Postnatal care is so often over looked in our culture, but it is vital for the health and wellbeing of you and your baby in the months following your birth.
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About Shiatsu

In Chinese medicine, vital energy called Qi flows through the body via a network of subtle energy channels or meridians. These meridians connect our vital organs with other areas and functions of our body.

Physical and emotional symptoms can occur when the natural flow of Qi in these meridians becomes blocked, depleted or out of balance. This can be caused by factors such as emotional stress, diet, over work or injury. Each shiatsu treatment is therefore unique to you and tailored to meet your present and specific needs

Your Session

An in depth medical and emotional case history will be taken and we will explore together your reasons for coming and what you would like to gain from our sessions. Tongue and pulse diagnosis will support this along with a hands on assessment to ascertain which meridians are most involved

Slow, deep pressure will then be applied along the ‘emptiest’ meridians in order to support and strengthen these areas of your body. This will feel very nurturing and deeply relaxing to receive. Stretches and more dynamic movement will be used to move energy from the ‘fullest’ meridians. This will be experienced as a real sense of relief both physically and emotionally. All treatments are performed fully clothed. Please wear loose comfortable clothing preferably made from natural fibers.

 If you are interested in how shiatsu could help you, feel free to email me or call me to arrange a free telephone consultation.