Shiatsu for Birth

“Being relaxed in your mind and body is the best preparation you can give yourself for birth”

From 37 weeks you and your baby are beginning to prepare for birth. Shiatsu can be the ideal massage to support your body in opening up and letting go.

‘Overdue’ Birth

Many births can be ‘over due’ and this is not necessarily a problem.  However if there is physical holding due to emotional based tension or fear, shiatsu can be amazing at helping bring on an ‘overdue’ labour

A set of ‘induction’ or ‘labour focused points’ will be incorporated into your massage, that are used effectively in both shiatsu practice and acupuncture. Shiatsu will not start a birth that is not ready to happen, but will assist only if the body is energetically and physically ready.

Natural Pain Relief in Labour

Touch in labour can be a very powerful tool.  Certain acupressure points are known for their pain alleviating qualities and many women find that deep, firm pressure around their sacrum (lower back) and hips can bring about great relief during key moments in their birth.

I attend births as a Doula and shiatsu practitioner as well as running Birth partner workshops to teach couples these invaluable techniques