Birth preparation workshops
Learning Acupressure Massage for Pregnancy and Birth

I offer birth preparation workshops for pregnant women and their birthing partner(s) in the 3rd trimester.

These safe and nurturing workshops will allow you and your partner:

  • A safe space in which your partner can learn to massage you with confidence, using simple, effective techniques.
  • Build trust and connection leading up to birth.
  • Learn powerful acupressure skills for natural pain relief during labour.

Practical techniques for both partners :

  • Practices to promote the release of endorphins (natural pain killers).
  • Positive visualisations and affirmations.

Optimum positioning for labour:

  • Why these are crucial to encourage your baby to be in the right position and to make labour easier for you.
  • Find which ones are the most comfortable for you and your partner, so you can start practicing them!

What to expect

  • You will be given handouts that contains all the information we covered during the workshop, so you can read and practice again at home.
  • Please bring a pregnancy/fitness ball and a sheet or towel to cover it.


These worskshops are available in two formats :

  • Group workshops with 2 + couples =
    Cost £60 per couple
  • Private workshop in the comfort of your own home =
    Cost £90 per couple

Feel free to ring me or email me if you wish to find out more: